Album: Hallucinogen (2011)

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Song: Take Me

Bitrate: 64kbps

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A powerful yet elegant blend of Electronic loops, arps and synths, all mixed with powerful vocals, guitar solos, and catchy hooks.

This music is fueled by dreams in every sense. The album concept revolves around the power of dreams not only from the origin, but from the point of view of the purpose behind it. The ultimate motivation to achieve a metaphorical dream, or the connection between a literal dream and real life.

Most importantly, diverse songs in 4 discs. Not a fan of rock infused techno pop? No problem. How about acoustic mixes, piano ballads? Maybe a country feelgood tune. Club mixes anyone? Disc 3 is right up your alley. But maybe you don't want words. Maybe you're the instrumental fan, the person that enjoys mellow sound textures, or full on orchestrated instrumentals. In that case, check out Disc 4.

Hallucinogen has been in the works for 5 years, from the first idea of the concept to the most recent song mix, this album has fueled my life with ambition and dreams, and now I'm about to show you the making of the final master.

Welcome To My Dream